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0 18.Aug.2013
Amongst my friends, I seem to stand alone in the enphusasim for this new and next form of technology. Most of these friends at some point dismissed the Tablet Computing (THAT brand or not) as “So, it’s like a phone, but bigger, but can’t make calls” or “So, it’s like a laptop, but smaller, that [...] READ MORE

This is why Flash isn’t on iOS

0 07.Jul.2012
10 out 10 times when my high end macbook pro is running like your average library computer terminal, I go into Activity Monitor and find that Shockwave Flash is hogging up the majority of my resources, hitting high percentages of CPU and a huge chunk of my ram. This is why it is redundant and [...] READ MORE

What I would like to see at the WWDC 2012 – A list from a MacFag.

0 13.May.2012
WWDC is a yearly conference where Apple show the world a bunch of new products and updates it’s been working on. Even if you’re not a fan of apple products, it’s always good to have an eye on the competition. There is no doubt, that they have a huge reach, and greatly effect the industries [...] READ MORE

Confesions of a ‘Mac Fag’

1 08.Oct.2011
How I got into Apple, and the initial Honeymoon I’ve had a 4 year long love affair with Apple products, I watch each press conference with anticipation of new and shiny innovations that I never knew I needed but in some unexplainable way, know I can never live without again. It all started with an [...] READ MORE

Technology and General Predictions for 2011

7 23.Jan.2011
So, lot’s of amazing new tech is coming out this year, we’re going to see the real birth of Tablet computing for the mass market. We’re coming up to the end of the lifecycles of several video game consoles (in the respect of announcements of new ones, rather than final launches), and all sorts of [...] READ MORE

Moving from Microsoft (Windows) to Apple (OSX)

0 07.Nov.2010
About 9 months ago I made the switch from being a Windows user to an Apple one. I originally made the move because I wanted to develop software for the iPhone and iPad, which is something that should be done inside OSX. The idea was that you can easily use Windows inside OSX, but the [...] READ MORE