Confesions of a ‘Mac Fag’

1 08.Oct.2011
How I got into Apple, and the initial Honeymoon I’ve had a 4 year long love affair with Apple products, I watch each press conference with anticipation of new and shiny innovations that I never knew I needed but in some unexplainable way, know I can never live without again. It all started with an [...] READ MORE

Indian Cold Caller Computer Virus – (seriously)

0 16.Apr.2011
“Hello, I am from the computing company you brought your computers from, you have a virus. Please break your computer so we can charge you to fix it.” If I read this from someone else, I would think they’re joking, that it’s not true. If someone circulated this in an email, I’d call them a [...] READ MORE

Widescreen wallpapers by me (1920×1200)

0 27.Feb.2011
Here is a selection of wallpapers that I’ve made using various photos and photoshops that I’ve done over the years, it’s not a complete selection of everything I’ve done, but it’s a current one. The photo of the Pug was one that I found on the internet and can’t remember where I got it from, [...] READ MORE

Moving from Microsoft (Windows) to Apple (OSX)

0 07.Nov.2010
About 9 months ago I made the switch from being a Windows user to an Apple one. I originally made the move because I wanted to develop software for the iPhone and iPad, which is something that should be done inside OSX. The idea was that you can easily use Windows inside OSX, but the [...] READ MORE

My first post from OSX

0 12.Apr.2010
I’ve finally made the transition to Apple’s operating system, OSX. I’ve not used it for more than 15 minutes in the past, and I’ve delved into it from a full understanding of Windows. Some things I find rather strange, but others I’m finding a lot better. I got a feeling that if I hadn’t been [...] READ MORE