Hotmail/Windows Live takes over shortcuts on Mac OSX – And how to Kill That With Fire.

14 24.Apr.2012
Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 19.57.30

Ok, I’m writing this out of pure frustration. I have sworn out loud several times a day since using Microsoft’s web interface for my email on my Macbook.

Cmd C doesn’t copy for copy’n’paste’ing, it goes to the categories menu. Cmd V still pastes though. You can’t use CTRL or ALT c instead, in case that is what they were thinking. Right-Click randomly puts up their own context menu instead of the browsers.

Whatever idiot at Microsoft thought this up, whatever self proclaimed UX expert came up with the idea. YOU ARE A DOUCHE BAG.

Now, I know you’re not so arrogant to think I’m going to actually buy a new computer to use your web interface, or install a new operating system on it. And I’m thankful there is an options page to stop this.

  1. Go to ‘Options’ over on the right hand side of your inbox, and then the ‘more options’ one.
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts, that’s the puppy, under Customizing Hotmail.
  3. Turn that bitch off.

OK, I can now go back to writing an email to Ma’ about this awesome dog I saw today and how I’m making double pasta tonight for dinner so I can take some into work tomorrow.

Frustration. Over.

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