A Nintendo 3DS Mii game – Guess The Mii

14 27.Mar.2011

This weekend I got a 3DS, so I decided to make a quick game using the Mii Maker, if you have a 3DS, go to the “Mii Maker” and then “QR Code/Image Options”, you can then import the Miis I’ve made by going to “Scan QR Code”.

OK, so the game is a bit shit in the respect that you can see the title of the Mii when you scan it in and it’s too late for me to name them “Number 1/2/3” etc. But let’s see if you can guess who they are from that.

For those of you without Nintendo 3DSs, you could go out and buy one right now, right this instant, right this moment. After all, it makes you at least 80% more attractive to your preferred sex, granted, the more autistic or younger members of that sex.

Alternatively, I’ve taken some different types of shots aside the QR codes, such as mug-shots of their faces, so you could use that instead.

Enjoy =)

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