Notorious P.U.G – iPhone case

0 12.May.2012
This week I got an iPhone, and I was looking at a load of different cases for it, when I decided to make my own. I came across Zazzle, who allow for you to upload your own designs. They’re about £23 plus £12 delivery, so they’re not the cheapest case in the world, but I’m [...] READ MORE

A Nintendo 3DS Mii game – Guess The Mii

0 27.Mar.2011
This weekend I got a 3DS, so I decided to make a quick game using the Mii Maker, if you have a 3DS, go to the “Mii Maker” and then “QR Code/Image Options”, you can then import the Miis I’ve made by going to “Scan QR Code”. OK, so the game is a bit shit [...] READ MORE

Widescreen wallpapers by me (1920×1200)

0 27.Feb.2011
Here is a selection of wallpapers that I’ve made using various photos and photoshops that I’ve done over the years, it’s not a complete selection of everything I’ve done, but it’s a current one. The photo of the Pug was one that I found on the internet and can’t remember where I got it from, [...] READ MORE