Hospedia: You Are Doochbags.

0 29.Dec.2013
The Schpeel Recently over this Christmas break, I’ve had to stay at my old haunting-grounds of The Royal Free. Unfortunately, I know the place so well now that I can’t go there without seeing one or another member for staff who doesn’t know me; weather it’s a phlebotomists, porter, nurse or doctor. It’s what comes [...] READ MORE

G4S – Money-Security Vans who Park where they want.

0 14.Jul.2012
Being a security van money collector must be a scary job. They’re handling stupidly large amounts of money, its probably rarely in the millions, but as most shop owners would handle a week’s takings at £10k or soo, without the need for SAS trained supermen, I’d guess there is a bigger figure for these people. [...] READ MORE

Help for those with dogs who are in a housing crisis or homeless.

0 07.May.2012
Throughout my life, I’ve seen a few homeless people with dogs. This always fills me with something unexplainable; men and women, who have nothing, not even a roof over their head, who have something I have always longed for – A four-legged companion. Everyone is different in life, and the homeless are no exception. Whenever [...] READ MORE

The new Scout uniform for Muslim girls

2 30.Mar.2012
Well done, Daily Mail readers, I’ve gone back to losing faith in this country. Today the Daily Mail wrote an article about how there is a new verient on the girl’s Scout uniform to cater to Islamic practices. The article is quite good, it tells you everything you need to know, who designed it, all [...] READ MORE

Not all dyslexic people are thick, not all thick people are dyslexic.

0 03.Feb.2012
Through using the internet, I’ve come across some very stupid people. One of the troubles of the internet, and I’m completely aware of the irony, is that everyone thinks their opinion is worth telling the majority of the planet. This is rarely the case, for example, my take on spelling might be intresting to my [...] READ MORE

My take on Benefits and the DWP – 60% Success rate, says it all.

0 29.Apr.2011
I’ve just come across this article, and this blog in general, about the Welfare Reform Bill. It’s quite harrowing, as someone who lives with a long term illness (coincidentally, the same illness that the blogger has),  I pray that I never am in a situation where I need to rely on the government for financial support. A lot of [...] READ MORE

Some funny ways to tell bigots to F’ck Off.

0 20.Apr.2011
There are many groups out there telling bigots and idiots to just fuck off once and for all, politically motivated groups against the BNP and EDL such as Hope Not Hate. There is so much hate out there, and it is hate, against all sorts of groups of people, the gays, the Muslims, the Jews, [...] READ MORE

Feeding the homeless to be outlawed in Westminster.

1 04.Mar.2011
“Sir, I am arresting you under section 1 9 8 3 of the public nuisance act, and number 2 4 8 9 of the Pest and Vermin Control… being of no fixed abode whilst in public. Please don’t feed the animals.”. Like most people in London, I walk past a homeless man most days. I [...] READ MORE

The Ugly Side of the Voice of Facebook.

2 19.Feb.2011
Facebook is a big name in the world, there are “500 million active users”, that’s a lot of people. To give it into perspective, the UK has about 51.5 million people, the USA has 307 million. In fact, according to Wikipedia, the only countries that have a higher population is India and China. If Facebook [...] READ MORE