Anxiety vs Normal – Part 2

0 11.Oct.2014
Hi, it’s me, long time, no post, etc. How’s the wife? Seeing as how it’s Mental Health World Awareness Day, I thought i’d do another post on the nuances between someone living with my issues (I think it’s anxiety and possibly some other stuff) and Normal People. Naturally i’m assuming the ‘normal’ version is what [...] READ MORE

Anxiety Issues vs Normal Issues

0 06.Jun.2014
I have a few Anxiety issues, they totally suck and make me over-think everything to a ridiculous point. They make me sometimes over or undershare depending on the situation. It’s really hard to explain, so here are a few situations on what someone with anxiety issues goes through, or what they’d go through if they [...] READ MORE


0 04.Aug.2013
About 3 years ago I bought a phone from Phones4U. It was a one year contract Vodafone that got me an HTC SomethingOrOther. While going through the spiel, I was told that I should go for their insurance. I figure, “Why not, it’s a £500 phone, if I get mugged, then I want it replaced. [...] READ MORE

Dear dad – 5 Years.

0 24.May.2012
  I don’t know if they have the internet where you are, I guess there is a catch 22 where if you have, you’ll be up to date on whats been happening in the world for the last 5 years, and if they don’t, then you’ll never read this. Makes this a bit silly really, [...] READ MORE

Widescreen wallpapers by me (1920×1200)

0 27.Feb.2011
Here is a selection of wallpapers that I’ve made using various photos and photoshops that I’ve done over the years, it’s not a complete selection of everything I’ve done, but it’s a current one. The photo of the Pug was one that I found on the internet and can’t remember where I got it from, [...] READ MORE

Tube Knobs

1 25.Feb.2011
I use the tube most days, it gets me into work. It’s an amazing system, one of London’s best features, it’s just a shame a few of them are knobs. Mr. Important Mr. I’m Important is a very busy man, I imagine he has the sort of career where if you are even 1 minute [...] READ MORE