Some films I’ve seen recently at the picture house.

0 27.Nov.2013
I’ve seen 3 films down the pictures over the last week, twice in Brighton (did you know I went to Brighton? (I went to Brighton)) and one up my local. This time a week ago I didn’t expect to see any of these films, at least, not at the pictures. But I’m glad I went. [...] READ MORE

Worth rapping about – or not.

0 26.May.2012
I’m a fan of rap music, I like clever metaphors and intelligent lyrics. I find though, and I guess this is true of all music genres, that there is a lot of rap that simply isn’t worth rapping about. Rap has a very rich history, it was used as a form of expression to express [...] READ MORE

Cowboys And Aliens – Unrealistic, no way cowboys existed.

0 20.Aug.2011
Today my Ma’ took me to the picturehouse, where we saw the new film. Normally I don’t like cowboy flicks, I find I can’t relate, find them as unrealistic as films set in forests, casinos or little English countryside’s. There are exceptions to these, I quite liked that film “Saving Grace”. And a book I’m [...] READ MORE

Hannah Montana: A film I’m struggling to relate too.

10 22.Jan.2011
Today I came home from a Saturday lunch with Ma’ to find that Hannah Montana is on the television. I suppose I could change the channel, but that requires me to think about what else to watch, and right now that is too much cognitive action for me; it’s a Saturday after all. I’ll be [...] READ MORE

Why I don’t like films based in forests

4 15.Jan.2011
I can’t relate to films based in forests. I find them dull, Generally they’re walking around and it’s tree after tree after tree. There is no change in scenery, except maybe a tent or a tavern or something like that. The more forest scenes, the more boring it is. There are a few exceptions, Jurassic [...] READ MORE