Lost for words

0 07.Dec.2013
I sometimes struggle with words, especially nouns. I’m not sure if this a deep routed unfounded medical condition, a curcamstance of a lifetime on tablets, or simply me being ‘me’. Whenever I can’t think of a word, I sometimes google a description. As soon as I see the word I’m looking for, I’ll wonder how [...] READ MORE

Why the English Language is so hard

0 08.Sep.2012
I’m not going to claim I invented this, I doubt the company who’s facebook this was stollen from knows who invented it eaither, so I’m not going to give credit to Innocent Fruit Smoothies.  WHY THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS SO HARD TO LEARN The bandage was wound around the wound. The farm used to produce [...] READ MORE

Don’t mock the Gwak

0 28.Aug.2012
Hello folx, long time no see. I’ve been off in real life land on a wonderful adventure known as “Making money to buy stuff like sushi and shit”. This weekend just gone, the bank holiday one, I had a lovely little trip to a friend’s doo. They were hosting a BBQ (easy to spell that [...] READ MORE


0 21.Mar.2012
I don’t know why there is a B there, I think the word flemb needs a silent b if it was spelt that way.  Apparently the real spelling is Phlegm. I don’t know why that G looks so wrong to me yet it deserves a silent B when I spell it the way I want too. [...] READ MORE

Center & Centor – Desert & Dessert

0 18.Mar.2012
This is a really one to remember. Whenever I refer to a place known as a centre, then I prounce it centor. Thats how I know the difference between the two, by making them into two different words. I just have to remember to change the ‘or’ into an ‘re’ when spelling it. I also [...] READ MORE

A joke on stoned people, or by stoned people. Not sure.

0 12.Mar.2012
I’m not a big fan of weed, it doesn’t sit well with me. I’m pretty glad that I don’t like the stuff, even if in the past it has excluded me from a few social outings (and enjoying any of Noel Fielding’s work). I imagine if I did like it, I would like it very [...] READ MORE

Looks like Shakespear is an equal wordsmith’or to me.

0 08.Mar.2012
This story came out in the papers last week, but I got busy between then and now, so am only just posting it. I’ve found out through this, that my very own wordsmithing is on par with the great Shakespear. I’m not sure if it’s an urban ledgend, but apparently every story told could possibly based [...] READ MORE

Hyraki !

This is an oldy-but-goody that my good friend @recklessrik reminded me about the other day, and was the result of a long rant, that the internet has forgotten about a long time ago. A Hyraki is what an organisation has, with people being more important than others… a pecking order, if you will. Here is [...] READ MORE