Volunteer Dog Walking Network

0 20.Oct.2013
So this is one of my crazy obscure ideas that i’ve had for ages but never followed up. I’ve not completely researched it, there might be something out there already doing this, but I figure there’s no harm in doing this my way. I was in the Car with Ma’, when I came up with [...] READ MORE

Xiaosa the dog joins in a 1700km race across china.

0 29.May.2012
Watch out Forrest Gump, there’s a new runner in town. Ziaosa (“Little Sa”), a stray dog, decided that it would join in during a cycling race from one end of China the other. One of the cyclists, Xiao Yong, was on a stop in Yajiang (Sichuan province) during the 1,700km (1,100 miles) race, when he [...] READ MORE

Notorious P.U.G – iPhone case

0 12.May.2012
This week I got an iPhone, and I was looking at a load of different cases for it, when I decided to make my own. I came across Zazzle, who allow for you to upload your own designs. They’re about £23 plus £12 delivery, so they’re not the cheapest case in the world, but I’m [...] READ MORE

Collars for a Cause

0 08.May.2012
Collars for a Cause is an auction site where companies and organisations make one-of-a-kind gorgeous dog colours in order to highlight their cause. They were set up by DOGS+LIFE magazine, in order to help with the overpopulation problem that Houston – Texas has with animal control. They work with the Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), [...] READ MORE

Help for those with dogs who are in a housing crisis or homeless.

0 07.May.2012
Throughout my life, I’ve seen a few homeless people with dogs. This always fills me with something unexplainable; men and women, who have nothing, not even a roof over their head, who have something I have always longed for – A four-legged companion. Everyone is different in life, and the homeless are no exception. Whenever [...] READ MORE

Meet Beth’s Pooch – Biscuit

0 05.May.2012
Biscuit was one of a litter of twelve puppies. The mother was a working border collie on a farm, and the father was the blacksmith’s lurcher. The main defining characteristics of lurchers are intelligence, speed, naughtiness (ie thievery), and cowardice. Biscuit has all these in spades. He loves playing catch, chase, fetch, hide and seek, [...] READ MORE