Anxiety vs Normal – Part 2

0 11.Oct.2014
Hi, it’s me, long time, no post, etc. How’s the wife? Seeing as how it’s Mental Health World Awareness Day, I thought i’d do another post on the nuances between someone living with my issues (I think it’s anxiety and possibly some other stuff) and Normal People. Naturally i’m assuming the ‘normal’ version is what [...] READ MORE

Anxiety Issues vs Normal Issues

0 06.Jun.2014
I have a few Anxiety issues, they totally suck and make me over-think everything to a ridiculous point. They make me sometimes over or undershare depending on the situation. It’s really hard to explain, so here are a few situations on what someone with anxiety issues goes through, or what they’d go through if they [...] READ MORE

Haribo Muller Corners.

0 28.May.2014
Sometimes I come up with ideas and I leave them in my head so they don’t do anything. Sometimes I come up with ideas in my head, and they require effort, so I still don’t do anything. Other times, I have ideas in my head, and they require no effort, so I do them. This [...] READ MORE

Hospedia: You Are Doochbags.

0 29.Dec.2013
The Schpeel Recently over this Christmas break, I’ve had to stay at my old haunting-grounds of The Royal Free. Unfortunately, I know the place so well now that I can’t go there without seeing one or another member for staff who doesn’t know me; weather it’s a phlebotomists, porter, nurse or doctor. It’s what comes [...] READ MORE

Lost for words

0 07.Dec.2013
I sometimes struggle with words, especially nouns. I’m not sure if this a deep routed unfounded medical condition, a curcamstance of a lifetime on tablets, or simply me being ‘me’. Whenever I can’t think of a word, I sometimes google a description. As soon as I see the word I’m looking for, I’ll wonder how [...] READ MORE

Some films I’ve seen recently at the picture house.

0 27.Nov.2013
I’ve seen 3 films down the pictures over the last week, twice in Brighton (did you know I went to Brighton? (I went to Brighton)) and one up my local. This time a week ago I didn’t expect to see any of these films, at least, not at the pictures. But I’m glad I went. [...] READ MORE

Volunteer Dog Walking Network

0 20.Oct.2013
So this is one of my crazy obscure ideas that i’ve had for ages but never followed up. I’ve not completely researched it, there might be something out there already doing this, but I figure there’s no harm in doing this my way. I was in the Car with Ma’, when I came up with [...] READ MORE


0 04.Aug.2013
About 3 years ago I bought a phone from Phones4U. It was a one year contract Vodafone that got me an HTC SomethingOrOther. While going through the spiel, I was told that I should go for their insurance. I figure, “Why not, it’s a £500 phone, if I get mugged, then I want it replaced. [...] READ MORE