Ultimate Turkish Rice

0 18.May.2014
Mehaba ! I’ve recently pretty much gosh darn perfected my version of Turkish Rice. You don’t have to bother with the baking bit, that’s up to you, personally, I love crispy bits, and this gets you more crispy bits, so I do it. But then there are other times where to be honest I really [...] READ MORE

Kitchenhack – How to easily cut a plummet of tomatoes.

0 21.Oct.2013
I never liked tomatoes growing up, in fact, I hated them. They’re a sure-fire way of ruining anything you put them in. However, a few years ago I started to like them. I like the small sweat ones that transcend my personal definitions from Vegetable to Fruit. I can’t remember where I saw this tip. [...] READ MORE

Newcastle Onion Soup

0 14.Sep.2013
This is my own little knock up of a recipy. A few days ago I bought some of Prince Charlie’s mushroom soup, and it was the most tasteless gunk i’ve ever bought. It tasted like thick water, even when I added some seasoning. So what’s a fella to do? I was already in my t-shirt [...] READ MORE

Cheap’n'Cheerfull – Gok Wan’s – Prawn Egg Fried Rice

0 14.Jul.2013
The low-down. Today has been a bit of a slow day, i’m sweating like i’ve just seen the Yewtree hotspot pop up on my wifi list and i’ve just gotten back from presenting Top Of The Pops… so I decided to go through and watch some Gok Wan on the 4OD. That wonderful man, Gok, [...] READ MORE

Totally awesome Ramen Soup with Beef

0 13.Jul.2013
The Schpeel I’ve made this a few times now, normally with chicken and always adjusting the recipy depending on what i’ve got in. I think this time though, it’s perfectimo. I’d say there’s enough for 3 or 4 with this one, and you’d get change for a tenner if you consider you’ve still got a [...] READ MORE

Honey Mustard Pork Chops with Pearl Barley

2 22.Nov.2012
2 parts honey 1 part mustard; grainy is better but didn’t have 1/2 part curry powder Stir it up with some oil to help it spread. I don’t like the fat so I cut it off. Maronaid it up in a dish Keep it marinaided Frozen peas, sweatcorn and pearl barley all in one pot [...] READ MORE

Duck with a Honey, Mustard and Curry glaze.

1 28.Aug.2011
On Friday, the fabulous butchers near work, www.smithfieldbutchers.co.uk/ , are open ‘till 5 instead of 3. This place is a goldmine for meats, serving up so many lovely meats at fantastic prices. To give you an idea of costs, check out this price comparison, Marks’n’Sparks sale duck at £19.99/kg, compared to £5.40. Seriously. I only [...] READ MORE