Bim’s Kitchen Sauces….African Zing Zing on a Grim Day

0 11.Oct.2013
My Schpeel. Followers of this place and my general witterings around the internets are probably quite aware that I’m born’n'bread in North London. From Cockfosters to Southgate to Enfield Chase; with a brief stint in Barnet, and another in North Cyprus. Aside Ma’, R and a few others, the main reason I like these areas [...] READ MORE

Jamie’s American Revolution & American/Western Food

2 25.Sep.2010
Today I woke up early and refreshed, ready for the day, but the day isn’t yet ready for me. So I went onto 4od and started watching “Jamie’s American Food Revolution”; and the long shot, he’s right; for the most part. I would just like to point out that unless stated, I’ve done no research [...] READ MORE