Ultimate Turkish Rice

0 18.May.2014
Mehaba ! I’ve recently pretty much gosh darn perfected my version of Turkish Rice. You don’t have to bother with the baking bit, that’s up to you, personally, I love crispy bits, and this gets you more crispy bits, so I do it. But then there are other times where to be honest I really [...] READ MORE

Foodie Stuff in Brighton

0 26.Nov.2013
I’ve just come back from a lovely long weekend away to Brighton. I’m fully bissotted with Brighton, was only there for 4 days with Ma’, but have decided that I would very much like to visit again and again. It’s foody heaven there, and I don’t think I even touched the sides. It left me [...] READ MORE

Kitchenhack – How to easily cut a plummet of tomatoes.

0 21.Oct.2013
I never liked tomatoes growing up, in fact, I hated them. They’re a sure-fire way of ruining anything you put them in. However, a few years ago I started to like them. I like the small sweat ones that transcend my personal definitions from Vegetable to Fruit. I can’t remember where I saw this tip. [...] READ MORE

Bim’s Kitchen Sauces….African Zing Zing on a Grim Day

0 11.Oct.2013
My Schpeel. Followers of this place and my general witterings around the internets are probably quite aware that I’m born’n'bread in North London. From Cockfosters to Southgate to Enfield Chase; with a brief stint in Barnet, and another in North Cyprus. Aside Ma’, R and a few others, the main reason I like these areas [...] READ MORE

Newcastle Onion Soup

0 14.Sep.2013
This is my own little knock up of a recipy. A few days ago I bought some of Prince Charlie’s mushroom soup, and it was the most tasteless gunk i’ve ever bought. It tasted like thick water, even when I added some seasoning. So what’s a fella to do? I was already in my t-shirt [...] READ MORE

Cheap’n'Cheerfull – Gok Wan’s – Prawn Egg Fried Rice

0 14.Jul.2013
The low-down. Today has been a bit of a slow day, i’m sweating like i’ve just seen the Yewtree hotspot pop up on my wifi list and i’ve just gotten back from presenting Top Of The Pops… so I decided to go through and watch some Gok Wan on the 4OD. That wonderful man, Gok, [...] READ MORE

Totally awesome Ramen Soup with Beef

0 13.Jul.2013
The Schpeel I’ve made this a few times now, normally with chicken and always adjusting the recipy depending on what i’ve got in. I think this time though, it’s perfectimo. I’d say there’s enough for 3 or 4 with this one, and you’d get change for a tenner if you consider you’ve still got a [...] READ MORE

Honey Mustard Pork Chops with Pearl Barley

2 22.Nov.2012
2 parts honey 1 part mustard; grainy is better but didn’t have 1/2 part curry powder Stir it up with some oil to help it spread. I don’t like the fat so I cut it off. Maronaid it up in a dish Keep it marinaided Frozen peas, sweatcorn and pearl barley all in one pot [...] READ MORE